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Your Professional Home Improvement Partner and Remodeler for Life!

Harsh weather conditions can reduce the life span of your home. With incessant exposure to dust, rain, sunlight, and other elements, the materials used for building your house can become brittle. Your home facilities will also wear out with constant use. But no need to worry, APPROVED REMODELING is here to help you out.

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You don’t have to go through the stressful process of procuring a new building; save your money and allow us, instead, to restore or turn it into your dream house.

Approved Remodeling is your professional home-improvement partner and remodeler for life. We connect with major suppliers that provide durable materials and top-of-the-line tools for every project that we handle. With our newest products from ALSIDE, the manufacturer you trust, and our line-up of construction experts, we guarantee your satisfaction with our remodeling services.

We have been providing quality construction, renovation, and home improvement solutions since 1963. The company started in Hawaii and as we grew further, we eventually moved to Kent to cater to a much larger crowd of homeowners. Now, we are regarded as one of the best remodelers in Washington.

Our services range from reconstructing your bathroom, fixing damages in the walls or ceiling, renovating a room, designing your patio, and even insulating your facilities. Whether you need work done on your kitchen, roofing, siding, windows, or decks, our experts will take care of it.

And not only do we resolve remodeling issues, our experts would also introduce to you some home improvement concepts that would aid you in trimming your expenses. We will also present to you the simplest to the more advanced ways of effectively weatherizing your home to ensure that you enjoy a safe and comfortable environment.

The best part is, our remodeling rates are very affordable and we prefer to work within your budget. Approved Remodeling caters to homes within and nearby Kent and Seattle, Washington.

For inquiries and to avail our exclusive offers, call our toll free hotline 855-543-8277.

Quality construction, renovation, and home improvement solutions

An average family unknowingly throws away about $750.00 each year because of inefficient energy (heating and cooling) consumption. That figure, which could have been used for other family needs, is caused by faulty building shells, air leakage, and insufficient insulation. And this is why Approved Remodeling is steadfast in correcting flawed home designs.

Better Business Bureau Accredited GAF Certified Preferred Contractor